Celebrating life. 

Many years ago(I mean maaany), a day like this a sharp cry was heard. “It is a boy”,someone must have whispered. The world rejoiced as a new soul had joined planet earth. Baby showers were planned without Facebook, (that’s why everyone keeps telling me, “hunikumbuki?  Nilikuwa nimekuja baby shower yako. ” SMH). 
Ever since humanity has been generous enough walk through life with me. When I laugh,  I always have someone to laugh with. When life knocks me down, I have always had someone stretch their hand out to help me stand up. When I could not handle the pain and broke down in Tears, I have always had a shoulder to cry on. 

Today we both celebrate the journey that has been, and imagine what we can become in the future. Today I celebrate all my friend’s, you have made life bearable. Today I also celebrate my family, you are the reason why when I fall am always thousands of feet away from the ground. 
 🎉🎉🎉Happy Happy Birthday Edwin  🎉🎉🎉


Where is the love?

It is a lazy Sunday evening. I am headed to town to meet my brother, he had come by on business and promised to buy “tea”. Music is blaring from the numerous speakers in the bus and I can hardly concentrate on anything. Seated next to me are two kids’ (siblings I assume), a girl aged around 12 and a young boy aged around 8 years. They are sharing a seat, the boy is seated on the girls lap. They are both fast asleep. Their clothes are dusty an indication of a long day having fun. The girl opens her eyes, wakes up the brother and whispers something to him. He sleepily turns his head and they both fall asleep again. Soon enough they start snoring and even the jolting of the bus wakes them up nor disturbs their sleep. Their mother (who apparently was seated behind them) wakes the girl. She wakes up the younger brother, puts his shoes back on, secures their bag ensuring everything is intact and excuses them on the walkway as she holds his hand. Soon enough they alight and disappear into the darkness with their mother.



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The lady across the table.

I was late, I walked into the coffee house and looked around. Fortunately there was not a familiar face. I took a deep breath, picked out a space to seat and texted her “I am here, let me know when you get here”. I ordered a latte, made myself comfortable on my seat and fastened my tie. As I lazily sipped my drink, my mind wandered to the first time I met Edwina. I was attending a young entrepreneur’s conference in one of the universities around. As usual I got to the venue forty five before kickoff time, secured a seat at the front.

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What comes around goes around.

We all have that heartbreak (except myself) that leaves your heart and soul injured beyond recognition. Or that time when someone messed you up so bad you burst into tears, when bleeding that someone to death seems to be the perfect revenge option. Since you are a peace loving individual who does not want to spend their entire life in jail you swallow your pride, followed by big gulps of water so that if does not choke you to death. You sit back nurse that heartbreak or betrayal then suddenly  Justin Timberlake’s “What goes around comes around” plays on the radio.


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There comes a time.

Once upon a time (I have been waiting to start a story with that phrase!) an old man somewhere, somewhere very dry I bet, said “There is time for everything”. Well I have not yet found time to do everything I want to do, so to some extend I disagree with this but I agree that there are seasons. A time to be productive, a time to tell interesting stories that  define you and break your readers bones into atoms , and a time to struggle with that writers block like a panda on your trail.


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L.E.M.P. update.

Well the past two months have been exciting. It is unusual for someone to say that attending classes is exciting. I must clarify, when you are attending L.E.M.P. they are not classes, it is a family. A family where you get to meet with people learn, interact and share ideas.


Here is a breakdown of how it went down.

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