Hey there. It is the first or second week at school. You are yet to adjust to school life. The chapo’s that mum made during school break are haunting you. You have counted how many days till half term. The figure is roughly thirty days, this of course is after deducting weekends, exam days and public holidays. You did not even notice it is your birthday. Wait, do you even care it is your birthday? I mean with hunger pangs, undone holiday assignment, school lessons etc, to worry about. Your birthday does not make it to the priority list. Sorry birthday, maybe next year. You say to yourself.




A few tips from the future. Those form fours who walk around like the school was built from their savings account. They will leave the school. Heck! It will be such a relief. You will then graduate to form two. This my friend will be an interesting part of your life. You will almost lose it. Life will beat you from all directions, but in classic you style you will walk out hurt but okay and proceed to form three. Here a few of your dreams will be shattered. But you will be alright. You will start going for these things called “funkies”  more often. You will work hard and move from counting how many people you did beat in a test. To counting how many people beat you in a test. Well as you are busy enjoying high school life. Bam! you will be a finalist. Well, you will become a perennial absentee from the school over weekends. Life will be all good till one day, you are on the back left, eating sausages. Mom making fun of how you are not a high schooler anymore. Just like that high school will be over.

Campus stories are for another day, maybe another blog post. Let’s first burst a few bubbles, shall we? First of all you do not have a ton load of money yet. Shock on you. You thought that in ten years you would be, “Making money moves(insert a deep Cardi B accent)”. Sorry son, you are only managing to pay your bills and spare a few coins to buy yourself a good dinner in one of these uptown restaurants. Enough money to buy all those silly things you wish to own? Nah! Not yet! Good thing is, you have kept the faith alive. You are still working hard to own those things. If it all works out, soon you will. However relatively speaking people agree that you are doing okay.


Second bubble to be busted. You do not have a wife/fiancee/ (do I have to continue?) yet. I can see you shaking you head with that, what went wrong attitude of yours. Well, long story. I will summarize it this way. You will first get a crush, look for them during funkies for sometime. When you finally get to have conversation, you will go back to school not having a crush anymore. Looks can be deceiving. Anyways, that choosy attitude of yours will take care of you during high school. Well, after high school. You will finally meet the real deal, patience pays they say? Well, in between visits in Campus and commenting on each others status, and trying to see if this is “something” you will feel like you made it. Then, Bam! you lose contact. You will both organize to meet. A number of times it will not work out, you will begin to think it is a sign from mama. You will give up and start reading penstrokes thriving in your single hood(read here). However you still believe in love and its effects such as marriage.

You will encounter this thing called leadership. First time will be in form four, a landslide win in a hotly contested election will land you the powerful Catholic Action(or YMCA for some other schools) Secretary general position. You will work with an excellent team to reform the group. However a few people will be super mad you missed the one rally they wanted you to represent the school. But there are second times. This time you will have the responsibility to give a vote of thanks to the Archbishop who was saying goodbye after becoming a cardinal. A job you did well that girls would remember that small speech of yours a few terms down the line. That might your motivation to work on your public speaking skills(winks). With you mum as your mentor, you will conquer a few more leadership territories, details on that are for another day.

IMG_20171002_143809 (2).jpg

I do not want to be a spoiler so, I will leave you discover for yourself. How your faith has been constant is one thing I must applaud you for. You will face difficult times which you cannot begin to imagine. You will question God, and the whole point of Christianity. Sometimes think that maybe atheists have a point. Through his power he will show you that all he does is beautiful and will be realized in the fullness of time.  In him you will keep your trust and faith. That will not change in the next ten years. Do not get me started on the miracles he will perform in your life.

You need to go and enjoy your thirteenth birthday, I also need to go and start my twenty third year of life. I mean ten years have changed you this much. I cannot wait to see you at thirty three.

Enjoy your birthday son.