Kenya has one lovely coast, with sandy beaches and a lot to see. Here are a few photo’s telling of a journey to this lovely coast.

A ride in the buses to this town is nothing short of magical,


One of the coastal towns ( Kilifi ). Walking in the town feels like being right in the middle of a history book.

IMG_20170623_183556 (2).jpg


IMG_20170623_183930 (2).jpg

Then there is Mombasa town, with it’s magical atmosphere,

IMG_20170625_164147 (2).jpg


Crowded streets,


IMG_20170625_164404 (2).jpg

the new phenomenon (Madaraka express) filling up the streets,

IMG_20170626_111630 (2).jpg

IMG_20170626_112221 (2).jpg

so much to see, the day ends too fast,

IMG_20170626_185456 (2).jpg

Photo’s from the beach coming soon….