It is around 8pm. Am looking through the  window of a hotel room. Thoughts have crowded by brain,  emotions fill my heart. I mean how can this happen to me? I ask myself. This time, as all the other 1,000 times I don’t get a response. The room is cruelly silent and dark. 

Wait did something happen to me or someone told me a story? Yes. It was a story I heard, a story about a fisherman. Wait, how did it occupy a big space in my life?  It was in the magic of the story. A story not heroic enough to make it to the hall of fame, but enough to get this soul thinking. 

Since I was young I loved masses of water. Playing in it was something I craved for daily, swimming, boat rides, surfing etc was my fantasy. I was born so deep in the land that the closest water body was hundreds of kilometers away. My ambition was not thwarted,  I kept the hopes alive. Until I learnt about beach homes. That went to my decade to do list. I had to own some of these thing’s to be happy in life right? 

Now you have an idea of why the fisherman caught my attention. I mean, everything I have been looking forward to my entire life is a norm to him. My fantasy and dream are ordinary to him. Just like that I learnt that happiness in life is not in what you possess or what you achieve. Happiness in life is finding meaning and joy in what you are doing. Happiness is not waiting your entire life for one thing to happen for you to be happy but instead smiling enjoying life daily. 


Edwin 😉😉