Many years ago(I mean maaany), a day like this a sharp cry was heard. “It is a boy”,someone must have whispered. The world rejoiced as a new soul had joined planet earth. Baby showers were planned without Facebook, (that’s why everyone keeps telling me, “hunikumbuki?  Nilikuwa nimekuja baby shower yako. ” SMH). 
Ever since humanity has been generous enough walk through life with me. When I laugh,  I always have someone to laugh with. When life knocks me down, I have always had someone stretch their hand out to help me stand up. When I could not handle the pain and broke down in Tears, I have always had a shoulder to cry on. 

Today we both celebrate the journey that has been, and imagine what we can become in the future. Today I celebrate all my friend’s, you have made life bearable. Today I also celebrate my family, you are the reason why when I fall am always thousands of feet away from the ground. 
 🎉🎉🎉Happy Happy Birthday Edwin  🎉🎉🎉