The time they caught us.

I was going through my old mails, and guess what I found. An email from a supposed employer, they had requested us to send some processing fee for the same. I bet about 250/= (equivalent to 2.5 dollars) which after evaluation of the gains we would get sent the full amount diligently. When you see me running away from Multi Level Marketing organizations and questioning everything, I have been burnt. I will be sharing the full story soon, in the meantime here is a supposed email from the “employer” for you to laugh at. Let me point out that I paid 250/= to get this email, so the email you are about to read costs 250/= probably the most expensive email I have ever bought…..



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Welcome to the Kenyan coast (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2. Catch part one here in case you missed it ( Welcome to the Kenyan coast part 1)

It is finally day break,

IMG_20170626_185456 (3).jpg

Time to hit the beach,

IMG_20170627_123023 (2).jpg

there is a lot to see, from Minazi’s

IMG_20170627_133430 (2).jpg

to the vast ocean

IMG_20170627_133520 (2).jpg


If you want to sleep right next to the beach and listen to the sound of the water’s all night, we can make it happen.

IMG_20170627_143828 (2).jpg

Plan to visit us soon, enjoy your trip in advance and feel free to tag me along when you visit.

IMG_20170627_145506 (2).jpg



The drunk man: Part one.

I looked right, left then right again and began crossing the road, halfway I felt something shove me to one side. I lost my balance and almost fell down, quickly I regained my balance and crossed the road. A man walked past me hurriedly. He looked old, probably retired, wore a jungle green suit and wore big black boots. A stench of alcohol and cigarettes was his way of announcing his presence. We both got to the bus parked on the opposite end of the street. I was traveling upcountry for the weekend. “hii gari imejaa (is the bus full)”?, he asked the attendant as he coughed his lungs out. “Imebakisha viti tatu (There are three empty seats)” the attendant replied as he pointed to the empty back seat. The old man took a quick glance at me as he boarded the bus. This whole time I vengeance was welling up in my belly and I felt like punching him in the face. I hopped into the bus and made my way on the aisle to the back seat. Finally my fears were confirmed, I had to sit beside him for the next four hours of the journey.

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Celebrating life. 

Many years ago(I mean maaany), a day like this a sharp cry was heard. “It is a boy”,someone must have whispered. The world rejoiced as a new soul had joined planet earth. Baby showers were planned without Facebook, (that’s why everyone keeps telling me, “hunikumbuki?  Nilikuwa nimekuja baby shower yako. ” SMH). 
Ever since humanity has been generous enough walk through life with me. When I laugh,  I always have someone to laugh with. When life knocks me down, I have always had someone stretch their hand out to help me stand up. When I could not handle the pain and broke down in Tears, I have always had a shoulder to cry on. 

Today we both celebrate the journey that has been, and imagine what we can become in the future. Today I celebrate all my friend’s, you have made life bearable. Today I also celebrate my family, you are the reason why when I fall am always thousands of feet away from the ground. 
 🎉🎉🎉Happy Happy Birthday Edwin  🎉🎉🎉