Memories of the past: part 2

We are here in the coastal town. Hurray!! We made it.

IMG_20170928_172826 (2).jpg

We head out to the Likoni ferry (these things are free btw)

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Memories of the past: 1

Well we head out to the coast again, This time on the new Kenyan Standard Gauge Train. A few comments: The station is likely to blow you away, it’s size and design in built to impress, of course I was impressed. Take a look,

IMG_20170927_081530 (2).jpg

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Two seconds to death.

My vision is getting blurry, there are noises in my head. A man excuses himself through the crowd. He is carrying a stone with a width of around 12inches. The hurls it straight at my head. My skull is broken, I can feel the blood running on my face. I cry till my eyes get swollen, scream until my voice gets hoarse I endure the pain until my body gets numb. All I can see are shadows walking around. I lie on the lawn by the roadside as the grass wipes off blood from my scars. I am too weak to lift a finger, I whisper a short prayer to my maker. I make peace with him and tell him I will be joining him,  after a few seconds I pass out.


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Well it’s been ages since I wrote something here. I have written so many posts in my head, when I am stuck in traffic or when someone says something strange to me. I cannot really figure out why I have not got myself to type out those amazing stories. Heh! Some of you keep asking what happened to Edwina. Are we dating (and I am not sharing about it) or we found out that we are not a good fit. All of which are good genuine question’s.


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Her birthday that was.

Ever woken up in the morning to a blinding amount of light? For a second you wonder, where am I? Within seconds your brain fully loads your system. You have over slept. Frantically you search for your phone in your bed, only to find it off and its battery empty. Quickly you jump out of bed and switch on your laptop to check the time. The laptop as blunt as it can be (especially if you are using windows 8) as it displays 08:45 in a large font on your lock screen. That is exactly fifteen minutes past the time you are supposed to be at the office.


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The time they caught us.

I was going through my old mails, and guess what I found. An email from a supposed employer, they had requested us to send some processing fee for the same. I bet about 250/= (equivalent to 2.5 dollars) which after evaluation of the gains we would get sent the full amount diligently. When you see me running away from Multi Level Marketing organizations and questioning everything, I have been burnt. I will be sharing the full story soon, in the meantime here is a supposed email from the “employer” for you to laugh at. Let me point out that I paid 250/= to get this email, so the email you are about to read costs 250/= probably the most expensive email I have ever bought…..



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